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Update: I've purchased cake mix & the ingredients I need to bake the cake for my grandparents' birthdays this week.

Now all I need to do is learn how Captain Janeway cracked open the alien eggs in "Basics, Part II" by tomorrow 🥚

To boldly go where no Stobie has gone before...

Going live a little early to get ready for our @FoxFyreGG Minecraft event!

AND ALSO! We are still raising money for @DFWServiceDogs so come and support the doggos and our veterans!!


“Early 3rd act story concept for #SoloAStarWarsStory. Fun idea for an old western style standoff on top of the Falcon. So Sergio Leone!” - @ILMVFX design supervisor James Clyne #StarWars


A decadent and delicious alternative view of @Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' European Premiere at @ODEONCinemas IMAX Waterloo by @GettyImages Chief Entertainment Photographer @GarethGetty.

#Maleficent #Maleficent2 #MaleficentMistressOfEvil


“[In 2013], the plan was for [Solo] to be the next #StarWars film after #TheForceAwakens. That honor eventually went to #RogueOne, after [Solo writer] Lawrence Kasdan was pulled onto TFA as a full-time co-screenwriter in late October of 2013.” - The Art of #SoloAStarWarsStory


It’s week 2 of #COSTOBERFEST, and we’re spotlighting some more favorites! Want to be featured? Email!


Which 90s Sequel Are You?

Today in 1975: 'Saturday Night Live' premieres on NBC — "The ultimate success of this series will depend largely on producer Lorne Michaels' mixture of guests and hosts"

“It was time to try a digital human.” How today’s movies are pushing new boundaries of visual effects (and budgets) as filmmakers create younger versions of their leads through fully digital CGI — rather than cast younger actors. (via @CGinLA for @THR)

Do you need to have seen #BreakingBad in order to watch #ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie? Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul answer the million dollar question...

As HMV opens the world's biggest record store (size of 12 tennis courts) on Friday..

Can a record store survive in the digital music age?

When did you last buy an Vinyl LP, cassette, CD or DVD?

Let us know #bbcworklife @BBCNews @BBCBusiness

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